Clementine's Testimonial

I just wanted to send you a letter to thank you for all of the care and attention you gave to me to bring me back to dental health.

I came to see you because I was feeling so bad that sometimes my whole body would feel sore from the pain in my mouth. Sometimes, the pain was agonizing. I came to you to get a second opinion. It turned out that I had major problems.

You made sure that I saw the right specialist to clear up some of the problems and coordinated with him to make sure that my very complicated case was handled correctly. You scheduled me for an entire day so that you could make sure that the temporary I needed so that my mouth could heal would be finished in time for me to travel out of the country.

You were there for me whenever I needed you and were willing to work around my complicated traveling schedules.

Before I came to see you, my gums hurt and it was hard for me to chew my food. Now I have the permanent bridge that you made for me. You even had the head of the lab that was making the bridge in on my case so that I would get the best of care.

I can now eat anything I want and am pain free. Your caring attitude and willingness to work with me helped me through a very difficult time.

Thank you so much for all of your expertise and the genuine caring attitude that made me feel so comfortable and unafraid during this time.


Clementine K.