Cosmetic Dentistry


Our Cosmetic Dentistry services include smile enhancement (veneers), replacement of aged dentistry, teeth whitening, and recontouring of teeth.

Smile Enhancement (Veneers)

Veneers are a way to change the appearance and shade of teeth by adding porcelain to your existing teeth by creating natural and proportional appearances that feel natural.

Replacement of Aged Dentistry

Sometimes the dental restorations that have served you in the past do not allow your appearance to be at its best. Replacing old crowns or fillings with updated state of the art methods may be the way for you to make a significant change with your smile and its appearance.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening the teeth can allow you to rejuvenate an appearance by removing staining that occurs by natural use or habits that introduce such stains. We offer a customized approach for your ZOOM particular needs including the Zoom! 1-hour in-office system.

Recontouring of Teeth

Slight reshaping of the teeth can greatly improve their proportions and overall natural appearance in a conservative way that minimizes the need for extensive treatment.