Our Patients Share Their Testimonials

Coleen's Testimonial

The improvement appears whenever I smile. I am now able to openly take pictures and just to smile in general. What did this improvement mean for me personally? Freedom. That’s the best word that I can find to describe what the treatment has meant to me. I now freely smile and laugh with open abandonment. There are no reservations anymore and that is a huge release.

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Joan's Testimonial

This transformation for me feels like a deeper psychological change in addition to the actual physical changes. The impact has been big in my life. It improved the quality of my life without a doubt. I am a person who doesn’t consider myself vain, so I didn’t really think about that side real deeply before I made my decision. I would recommend for anyone thinking about improving their smile to think about the many ways it can potentially change your life for the better as it has mine.

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Stan's Testimonial

Expressing my inner vibrancy – through smiling and laughter without embarrassment or covering my mouth - with friends, family, strangers large groups, and in pictures… this is how I confidently live my life now. I am also confident that my teeth, mouth and overall physical health are stronger and longer lasting.

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Tony's Testimonial

Ever since the first visit with Dr. Suarez in his office I have always thought they had a very professional and thorough approach. This has impressed me to this day. From the moment I walked into the office, I got the impression that I was part of a family. This has continued to be the case since that moment and I (as well as many members of my family) have been a patient of the practice for several years.

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Eida's Testimonial

Let me tell you about the horrible journey that brought me to the office of Dr. Lino Suarez. When I arrived I literally had my dentures in my hands. This had a terrible impact on my life because I was unable to eat, laugh in public. The process took about a year until I had implants placed. This was when my life changed totally. The process was 100% pain-free. I now am a very happy lady!

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Katherine's Testimonial

I feel like that the confidence that a great smile has given me has paid off in big ways for me.  I am a professional that deals with the public so my appearance is important to me and my professional relationships.  When Dr. Suarez enhanced my smile with porcelain veneers it enhanced my personality as I was smiling more freely.  I truly feel that we need to smile to be fully healthy and this is absolutely the ticket for someone who is not "letting their true personality show".  Dr. Suarez and his team helped me get more out of my personality through their excellent care.

Rita and Daniel (son - 16 yrs) Testimonial

Al's Testimonial

Livan's Testimonial

Lilian's Smile Makeover 

Ana Maria's Testimonial 

Deiky's Testimonial 

Michelle's Smile Makeover 

Nicole's Testimonial

When I first started paying attention to my problem I had white spots on my front teeth that were very noticeable in pictures. I got used to this, but occasionally, people would ask me about them and with an upcoming wedding, I wanted to do something to improve my smile. After Dr. Suarez's office performed their treatment to enhance my smile I don't notice the white spots at all in pictures and they are not visible to the naked eye anymore. I feel more confident in my smile, knowing the white spots are gone.

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Scott's Testimonial

From my initial visit some 9 years ago, when I registered a 49% on my Dental Fitness Exam, to the present wherein I am constantly in the 90% range (remember I did get a perfect 100% score once), I want to thank you for your caring and perseverance. You have taught me the importance of simple day-to-day care which has paid off huge since I have been coming to your office.

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Aziz's Testimonial

My experience with Dr. Lino Suarez has changed my whole life not only in the fact that he corrected problems with my teeth but also in the way he was healing and taking care of my health. So, I definitely want everyone that is new to his process to trust him for every recommendation that he makes. By personal experience, I know you will be satisfied at the conclusion of your treatment.

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Clementine's Testimonial

I just wanted to send you a letter to thank you for all of the care and attention you gave to me to bring me back to dental health.  I came to see you because I was feeling so bad that sometimes my whole body would feel sore from the pain in my mouth. Sometimes, the pain was agonizing. I came to you to get a second opinion. It turned out that I had major problems.

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Esther's Testimonial

I started going to see Dr. Suarez about a year ago because of the condition of my teeth. One of my teeth never formed and I needed for another tooth to replace it. I went to talk to Dr. Suarez in the first visit, where we arranged how I wanted my teeth to look and express how everything was to be done. We also talked about the cost and time it would take to complete the procedure.

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Michael's Testimonial

My mouth was what I called a “war zone”. It has been years since I visited a dental office and I neglected my oral health. I felt very aware of my mouth and my oral health, no open mouth, no smiles, constantly thinking about it. As a result, you don’t get close to people and don’t let people get close to you. You don’t let yourself or anybody to get close, constantly thinking and checking if they saw your teeth or felt bad breath. It isolates you and you are no longer in control of your life.

My condition had been getting worse for years (5 or 6), but the last 2 or 3 it has gotten really bad. My biggest obstacle to dealing with my problem
was money and the cost involved to treat

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