Stan's Testimonial

If Not Now, Then When?

Expressing my inner vibrancy – through smiling and laughter without embarrassment or covering my mouth - with friends, family, strangers large groups, and in pictures…  this is how I confidently live my life now.  I am also confident that my teeth, mouth and overall physical health are stronger and longer lasting.  Although I am not one who is a fan of cosmetic work, the dental work with Dr. Lino Suarez changed my life. 

Large amounts of antibiotics as a child created a condition of my adult teeth that was - to say the least - unattractive, embarrassing and creating a very low self-esteem, not to mention the deterioration of my teeth.  As I moved into a career path that provided the opportunity of speaking in front of very large groups of people, I knew something had to change.  Dr. Suarez presented an opportunity for a healthier mouth and teeth that happen to have the much desired side-benefit of a beautiful smile. 

I must say that my perception of the work that was to take place, no matter how reassuring Dr. Suarez was, provided my mind a perfect opportunity to move into fear and skepticism, but I moved forward with my decision for greater health and smile. 

The process was at minimal discomfort, if at all.  Considering the amount of work that was required, I can’t imagine a process easier and more painless.  I am also blessed to now call Dr. Suarez a friend.

For anyone that is considering this type of work, I would simply say… if not now, then when?  Your future health and life will change into something you could not even imagine.  Thanks to my friend, Dr. Suarez, I am living life healthier and with greater confidence.