Reconstructive Dentistry

piggyback_couple.jpg Our Reconstructive Dentistry services include dentistry to preserve teeth, crowns, bridges, implants, replacement of missing teeth, rebuilding of worn teeth, and root canal therapy.

Dentistry to Preserve Teeth

The wear and tear placed on teeth can range from slight to severe. This type of dental treatment will focus on making sure that your long-term dental condition does not lend itself to severe breakdown that may lead to expensive and extensive needs.

Crowns / Bridges / Dental Implants

These restorations are the method used to repair or replace broken down or missing teeth with natural and functional materials.

Replacement of Missing Teeth
Replacement of missing teeth can be done one of three ways:

  1. With dental implants that attach the tooth or teeth to the gums independently and permanently.
  2. With a bridge that uses existing teeth to support a replacement set of teeth and is permanently inserted.
  3. With a removable denture (complete or partial) that may or may not be supported by the use of dental implants

Rebuilding Worn Teeth

Teeth may have been significantly worn and aged due to problems related to the muscles and bite relationships that may cause grinding and resulting fracturing and/or attrition. The teeth that have been affected may be reconstructed in a relationship with the neighboring and opposing teeth that will minimize the destructive effects of a previous bite relationship.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy may be necessary in situations where a tooth has suffered infection of the inner structures causing breakdown of the surrounding bone or pain. A root canal can be done in a comfortable fashion with ample anesthetic agents.