Gums and Supporting Structures


Our Gums and Supporting Structures services include dental cleanings, dental fitness plans, and periodontal therapy.

Dental Cleanings

If you just need a maintenance cleaning to keep your teeth and their appearance in the best shape possible, a simple cleaning can help.

Dental Fitness Plans

This is a plan for true health. With measurable goals and objectives a person can be offered a structure that allows them to control destructive bacteria in their own mouth. With our help and education we can offer methods to overcome common obstacles and to adequately control your oral health. Dental Fitness Plans are a way for you to develop self-empowered approach to be healthy.

Periodontal Therapy

We offer a various set of treatments that allow you to have any necessary level of care for the supporting structures of your teeth. Healthy gums and periodontal structures are now linked to systemic health of the heart and many other parts of the body.