Nicole's Testimonial

When I first started paying attention to my problem I had white spots on my front teeth that were very noticeable in pictures. I got used to this, but occasionally, people would ask me about them and with an upcoming wedding, I wanted to do something to improve my smile.  After Dr. Suarez's office performed their treatment to enhance my smile I don't notice the white spots at all in pictures and they are not visible to the naked eye anymore. I feel more confident in my smile, knowing the white spots are gone.  

The spots on my teeth showed up when I got my braces taken off at age 15. Initially, I went to my previous dentist (before Dr. Suarez) and he told me there was no way to treat these spots. He also told me that whitening my teeth would make the white spots appear whiter, which it did!  So I knew that I had to do something else to improve the appearance of my teeth than simply whitening them.   The process at Dr. Suarez's office was very easy and completely painless.  I noticed an improvement immediately. Now, in pictures, all that people see is a nice bright smile. Also, I am getting married next week, and I am happy that my teeth will look flawless.  Most people didn't notice exactly what I did, just that my teeth looked really good. My fiance, who knew I was having the procedure, looked at my teeth the night before and he noticed a dramatic difference. Also, if you compare pictures, you notice a big difference. If I had to do this process over I would definitely have done it sooner!  I would definitely recommend treating Dr. Suarez and his team help you with your smile look its best!