Joan's Testimonial

What was your initial condition like before you had treatment done?
I had cracks present in my teeth, along with pointy canine teeth.  Overall I felt I had an unattractive smile

What did it feel like to have this situation?
I did not feel as attractive as I would have liked to and this caused me to lack confidence.

How did your condition before treatment impact your daily life?
I was always self-conscious about my smile when posing for photographs in the past.  I also felt less vibrant and youthful than I do now.

What barriers, if any, did you have to making a decision to act on your condition?
I was concerned about the permanent change involved.  It seemed like a big step at the time.  Once I committed I knew there was no turning back.

What was the event or factor that made you move forward with treatment?
The main factor was the trust I have in Dr. Suarez and his team.  They had suggested that changes could be made, and I was receptive to them.  The truth is, I probably would still be the way I was if they hadn’t partnered in helping me visualize the possibilities.  I am more of a low-key type of personality and it takes a lot for me to make decisions like this so having the guidance was instrumental in moving ahead.

Describe what the treatment experience was like.
I have never had any dental treatment in my past other than routine procedures.  Needless to say, it took a little while, however, it was made comfortable for me throughout and no discomfort or pain occurred at any time. 

What improvement resulted in your life as a result of treatment? What did this improvement mean for you personally?
I feel healthier because I look the part!  It has transformed my attitude to one where I have more confidence, professionally and personally, when I interact with people.  I also feel that the permanence of the treatment has helped me know that it will stay as nice as it looks for the future.

How did your friends and family react to your changes?
Most people notice something different, however, they just ask if something has changed.  They all comment once they know that my smile “looks great” and that it is “natural” in appearance.

Compared to what you originally thought before treatment was done, how did the actual experience of treatment compare?
The outcome was far more positive than what I originally expected.  Now I look at other people and feel like my smile is as radiant and healthy looking as any I see!

What was the biggest obstacle you ended up dealing with during treatment and how did you deal with it?
Because of my work obligations, I am constrained to a tight schedule with many responsibilities.  It was a relatively minor situation, however.  All I did was build the time necessary into my schedule and it was part of what I needed to accomplish going forward.

If you had to do this process over what, if anything, would you do differently?
If there is any regret, it would be that not enough treatment was done.  I would highly recommend anyone considering this process not to “skimp” on treatment.  Follow the recommendations of Dr. Suarez and his staff.  They can help you overcome any constraints you might have.  If you are going to make this kind of change, make sure you do it right.

What advice would you give to anyone that is considering improving their quality of life with an improvement to their appearance and overall health?
This transformation for me feels like a deeper psychological change in addition to the actual physical changes.  The impact has been big in my life.  It improved the quality of my life without a doubt.  I am a person who doesn’t consider myself vain, so I didn’t really think about that side real deeply before I made my decision.  I would recommend for anyone thinking about improving their smile to think about the many ways it can potentially change your life for the better as it has mine.