Coleen's Testimonial

The Improvement appears whenever I smile.  Basically I considered my real issue to be one of aesthetics. I had a huge gap between my front teeth because of a missing tooth (through genetics).  I wasn’t happy to have this problem but it didn’t affect my overall day to day happiness. I had met a wonderful man who I later married and we now have 3 children. I knew that it would be ‘nice’ to have my teeth fixed …one day, but I believe that I kept it in the right perspective. I knew that I wouldn’t allow the cost of having me teeth fixed to come before other needs of my growing family. I have always been financially conscientious so I knew that my teeth would only be fixed when I didn’t have to go in debt for it.

I grew up with this issue so it didn’t affect my overall  happiness before I had Dr. Suarez treat the problem. However, looking back now I can clearly see where I wouldn’t smile openly because I was self-conscious of the way my teeth looked. I didn’t enjoy taking pictures because of this problem.

My main barrier to moving forward with the decision to treat my problem was based on my finances. It’s somewhat ironic that I easily went into debt for my college education, my children’s tutoring classes and the normal day to day debts. All of these brought me some return, whether it be financial (education) or emotional (benefitting my children). However, my teeth being fixed were considered a luxury to me. I can say however, that this has also brought a huge return (ROI) on my psychological state. I can now freely smile without covering my mouth or keeping my lips tightly closed.
Dr Suarez and his team placed several veneers, crowns and a bridge. The process took the better part of an entire day but they made the experience as pleasant as possible. It has been a few years but I distinctly remember the atmosphere of ‘aromatherapy’ that they created with the scented candles and muted lighting.
Everyone who knew me before still continue to be amazed at how good my teeth look. Even after all this time the result is still ‘as good as new’.Once I made the decision to have the treatment, that was it. I knew that I would do whatever it took to get through the process.  The only thing I would probably change is that I might have done it sooner.  If there is an issue with your health then you should absolutely get whatever treatment is necessary. This applies to any medical issue, oral or otherwise. Having this work done has improved my quality of life and my only ‘regret’ (maybe too strong of a word to use) is waiting as long as I did. In my goals over the years, my teeth should have had a higher level of importance. If that had been so, I would have done this work prior to some other goals.  I hate to use the word regret because I truly believe that everything happens at the time that they should, but I may have changed my timeline for getting this done.