Eida's Testimonial

Let me tell you about the horrible journey that brought me to the office of Dr. Lino Suarez. When I arrived I literally had my dentures in my hands. This had a terrible impact on my life because I was unable to eat, laugh in public. The process took about a year until I had implants placed. This was when my life changed totally. The process was 100% pain-free. I now am a very happy lady!

If I had to do it again I would not wait, like I did for a year, to do this. If you are a person considering having dental implants to replace missing teeth I suggest that you move forward with your decision and don’t think about it for another second. You will be doing the best thing for yourself and you will be able to eat, laugh in public and be sure that your teeth are securely anchored in your mouth.

Thank you Dr. Suarez!

Eida Denys